Our goal is to work towards the rehabilitation and integration of disabled children into the Cambodian society. The special education programs are the first step in working towards this goal. As a follow up program to our special education we provide vocational training for our graduates. The goal of this program is to teach our students specific skills to make it possible for them to find a job. Employment helps them to integrate and to become more independent. At the moment our students learn basic skills like cleaning, preparing tables before meals, washing the dishes, cleaning the garden, following instructions, working together, job attitude, social skills, sport, music and games. Currently, our main activity is the production of paper bags (see video) for a business that sells 100% natural Cambodian Eco products. This is a very suitable activity for our students, since all of them can contribute to the whole process of making the product. Furthermore, we mediate with different parties to ensure job placement for our students.

We work together with local partners that believe in our goals and make it possible for us to implement our program by buying our papers bags or employing our students.


Some of our corporate partners include:

·        Bodia Nature

·        Mad Monkey Hostels

·        Ozone Pool and Bar

·        Cafe Corner

·         Frangipani Hotel


Our Vocational Training Centre in brief…

·        A program foryouth with mild to moderateIntellectual Disability

·        Aged between 16 and 25

·        A program where we train on soft skills and hard skills

·        A weekly schedule including job attitude, teamwork, collaboration, independence, problem solving, self-esteem, confidence and social skills, sport and music.

·        Handmade production of papers bags as manly activity

·        Productioncustomized and sold on monthly request to private companies

·        Complementary training in cleaning andgardening

·        Some youth referred to partners to be trained in hospitality skills

·        A support on Job searching and placement for the youth

·        Monitoring and permanent support for youth and their families