We prepare teachers to work with Children with Intellectual Disabilities, and make them able to asses, follow and provide individual adapted education and complementary rehabilitation services to our students.

We started our training in 2010 with the help of the London University so that the teachers could increase their knowledge of working with disabled children. With them we worked on quality of teaching, capacity building and child-friendly activities.

Since that time, we aim to improve constantly the quality of our educational services, and we regularly organize training in Phnom Penh and in other provinces. These trainings not only benefit primary school teachers but also school directors, members of Provincial and District of Education authorities, members of the Communes Committees and members of civil society.

We train teachers to individually assess students, and to set up Individual Education Program for each student. We also organize monthly meetings with our teachers in order to discuss the challenges they face, and to work to improve the communication between teachers and children.

Our teachers also participate in various training organized by NGO partners and local special education trainers.

Moreover The Rabbit School develop curriculum programs and manuals on special education for use of teachers and parents.

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